Which is the largest country?

If you like to get information about the country and the world, then you must read this article once. Because in today’s post we Which is the largest country in the world Will tell you about

For your information, tell that there are 195 countries in the whole world. Not sure, but it is absolutely true! So many countries have some big countries, some are small countries and some are very small countries.

These are countries which are big due to different reasons in the world. this country Area, Population, Economic, Technology In terms of big or small countries are counted.

After reading this post today, you will know which country is bigger for what reason. That is why, to get complete information about this article, read it completely.

Which is the largest country in the world?

Which is the largest country There is no direct answer to this because if different aspects are considered then different countries fall into those lists.

Still let’s first know that Area wise Which is the largest country? After that I will look at other aspects. This is a very important question! Because these big countries are spread over 43% of the land, and the rest of the countries are located in the remaining 57%.

Which is the largest country in terms of area?

Countries which are the largest in terms of area, Their area is very large. That is, those countries are spread far and wide.

Russia is the largest country in terms of area, which is spread over 1 crore 71 lakh square kilometers. Apart from Russia, there are many other countries which are big in terms of area-

Canada – Canada is the second largest country in terms of area as they are spread over 99.84 lakh square kilometers.

America (USA) – Well, when thinking about a big country, America comes first in our mind. And this is also true to some extent. According to the area, America is located in 98.26 lakh square kilometers.

China – China is a country that is ahead in many things as well as it is quite big. China is spread over 95.96 lakh square kilometers of our earth.

Brazil – Brazil’s name comes in fifth place among the largest countries. The area of ​​this country is 85.14 lakh square kilometers.

Australia – Australia is also included in the list of big countries. Its area is 77.41 lakh square kilometers, which is quite big.

India– Our country is also counted among the largest countries. By the way, according to the area, India comes at number 7, but its area is 32.87 lakh square kilometers.

Argentina Argentina is also included in the big countries because its area is 27.80 lakh square kilometers.

Kazakhstan – Can be! Not many people have heard the name of Kazakhstan but in terms of area, they are also counted in big countries, its area is 27.24 lakh square kilometers.

Algeria– Algeria’s name also comes in the list of top 10 big countries. Its area is 23.81 lakh square kilometers.

Which is the largest country in terms of population?

Talking about the population, the largest country by population is China because the population of China is 139 crores. After that, our country’s name comes in second place among the largest countries because our country’s population is 130 crore.

Largest countries by population I know the names of these countries.

Country Their population
China Population 139 million
India Population 130 million
USA Population 33 crores
Indonesia Population 23 million
Brazil Population 20 crores
Pakistan Population 19 million
Bangladesh Population 16 million
Nigeria Population 15 million
Russia Population 14 million
Japan Population 12 million

Which is the largest country according to the economic situation?

USA is the largest country in terms of economic convenience. Because America is ahead in everything whether it is in the field of technology or making weapons or making the most expensive mobile from computer to all of them.

Even Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckberg, who are counted among the world’s richest men, all live in America. So from this thing it can be found that how much America is economically developed.

As you all know, the economic situation of any country is determined with the help of its GDP. Apart from America, there are many other countries which Financially advanced Whose names are included in this list –

Country Their GDP
United states GDP $ 19.48 trillion
China GDP $ 12.23 trillion
Japan GDP $ 4.87 trillion
Germany GDP $ 3.69 trillion
India GDP $ 2.65 trillion
United kingdom GDP $ 2.63 trillion
France GDP $ 2.58 trillion
Brazil GDP $ 2.05 trillion

China is the second most advanced country after America.

Which is the largest country based on developed technology?

China is the largest country on the basis of developed technology because these countries are far ahead in terms of technology. Whether it is to make computers or mobiles, weapons or movies, we get a glimpse of its technology in everything.

Therefore, it can be said that China is the largest country in terms of technology. America, Japan, South Korea, except China There are many other countries like India which developed technology Are counted among the largest countries, whose names are –

Sl.No Country
1 Japan
2 China
3 South Korea
4 United states
5 Germany
6 Singapore
7 United Kingdom
8 Russia
9 India
10 France

Although the name of China comes first in terms of technology, but the technology of Japan should be much more advanced than China. That is why it can be said that Japan is the largest country on the basis of technology.

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