Who owns Facebook and which country has the app?

Facebook is the most used social media site on the Internet, after Google and YouTube, the highest traffic on the Internet comes on Facebook. Let’s know that this social media site is popular among people, especially among youngsters. Who owns facebookThe

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What is facebook

Facebook is such a social media site, which is used by every mobile user. Facebook is not only used by smartphone users but also non-smartphone users, which is why billions of people use this site all over the world. Due to its style, Facebook is considered the king of social media networking.

Just as the Internet cannot be imagined without Google, in the same way social media site cannot be imagined without Facebook because when it comes to social media site, Facebook is the first social media site of the Internet. Except China, people from all over the world use this famous social media site.

Who owns the Facebook company?

facebook malik name

Facebook owner Facebook’s own inventor Mark Zuckerberg is. For your information, please tell Mark zuckerberg It was Facebook that created it.

He discovered facebook 4 February 2004 Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook himself, in many companies, the company is owned by someone else and the CEO is someone else, but Mark Zuckerberg, through his hard work and dedication, still retains his company. Is handled

These are the result of Mark’s hard work that today, Facebook ranks third on the Internet after Google and YouTube. This company created by Mark is working as a business today and this business has added Mark Zuckerberg to the list of world’s richest men.

Speaking of the present time, Mark Zuckerberg is the sixth richest man in the world and his Networth $ 66 billion Is close to

How did the social media site Facebook get started?

Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg’s full name is Mark Eliot Zuckerberg who was born on 14 May 1984 in New York City, USA. Mark had a special affinity towards technology since childhood and since childhood he loved computers and programming very much.

Due to this interest in computer programming, he did his studies at Harvard University so that he could do what he always wanted to do. When Mark was studying at Harvard, he created Facebook during his studies, but at that time, Facebook’s name was not Facebook but facemash. Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes Together he created a website called facemash Kept

He put some pictures of university students in which people could vote who are the more beautiful students. But Mark’s work was considered by the university students to interfere in his personal life, due to which Mark had to apologize in front of everyone.

After all these things Mark Zuckerberg did not give up and after some time on the strength of his hard work The facebook A website named in which any people could upload their favorite photos with whom they could talk to them, this discovery of Mark made the world very small because people can now connect with each other easily through Facebook. Were.

Mark had increased his number of Facebook users to 1 million by the end of 2004 with his ability and dedication. Yes, at a young age, Mark had understood Zuckerberg that in the coming years, more people will use his website.

This is the reason why he gave up his studies in 2004 to make Facebook bigger and gave all his attention to Facebook and named it Facebook from The Facebook, which sounded like a small and a brand, for your information. In 2010, due to this work of Mark Zuckerberg, Person of the year And Forbes In the list of powerful people of the world Was included.

Who is Facebook Owner?

Facebook’s owner is Mark Zukerberg. Who started Facebook in 2004.

Facebook is the app of which country?

Facebook Inventor of Mark Zuckerberg New York America Is a resident of and he invented Facebook at Harvard University in New York, which is why Facebook is considered an American company.

When did facebook buy whatsapp and instagram?

Many people will know that Facebook is now the owner of WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook has bought WhatsApp and Instagram in a billion dollar deal.

Mark Zuckerberg knew very well that these social media sites are going to be used a lot in Future, so he spent the year Whatsapp in 2012 Bought and after 2 years Instagram in 2014 Bought it

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